2023 3rd International Conference on Control Science and Electric Power Systems (CSEPS 2023)
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2023 3rd International Conference on Control Science and Electric Power Systems(CSEPS2023) accepts original and unpublished papers. The papers may include but are not limited to:

images.png Session 1: Control Science and Engineering 
  • Adaptive Control

  • Net Control Technology

  • Computer Measurement and Control and Network Technology

  • System Identification

  • Process Modeling and Optimization

  • Fault Diagnosis and Prediction

  • Discrete Event Dynamic System

  • Optimization and Scheduling of Complex Systems

  • Research on Complexity Theory

  • Embedded systems, sensor networks

  • Navigation Control System

  • Guidance, Control, and Simulation

  • Systems engineering

images.png Session 2: Intelligent Control 
  • Intelligent Optimization and Intelligent Maintenance

  • Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System

  • Robot and Machine Vision

  • Image Algorithm and Machine Vision and Its Application

  • Application of Automatic Control System

  • Industrial Control Configuration and Fieldbus Technology

  • Intelligent Information Processing

images.png Session 3: Electric Power System
  • Power system analysis, operation, and control

  • Power System Security Defense and Recovery Control

  • Power System Planning and Reliability

  • Power System Relay Protection

  • Power system automation technology

  • Fault Analysis and Diagnosis of Power System

  • Automation of Power System Scheduling

  • Analysis and Simulation of Power System

  • Power quality analysis and monitoring

images.png Session 4: Other Related Topics